Friday 8 March 2019


Today is International Women's Day and in homage to all those who identify as female, I thought I'd share some of my favourite independent brands being run by women, celebrating women.
Photos from Milk & Moon website (linked above)
Run by Katy, Milk and Moon is a brand celebrating woman, birth, rebirth, mothers, mysticism, body positivity and feminism. 
Katy channels her passions into her brand and the resulting aesthetic is both a pleasing and empowering range of pins, totes, shirts and prints.
The brand is also offering 15% off any £10 or more spend to mailing list subscribers in celebration of International Women's Day.
Photos from Emma's Instagram

Name a more dynamic duo than Emma and her cat lady, I'll wait. 

Emma's tit pots are an enigma to get hold of, appearing once in a blue moon and disappearing in the blink of an eye.

It makes good sense though, because these truly unique tit pots are a delight and I can think of no good reason why every home shouldn't have at least one.

I personally picked up a collaboration pot with The Fake Tit Fund, whereby all proceeds went to the charity (a wonderful charity you should all check out, FYI), but plan on adding more to my collection just as soon as I can.

Whilst waiting for the announcement of a stock update, there's plenty to see over on Emma's Instagram.Scottish humour and body positivity by the bucketload.

Photos from Bobbi Rae's website (linked above)

Bobbi Rae is an artist who I've adored for a long time. With lots of glorious naked women in the mediums of print, pins and patches, as well as stickers and greetings cards to boot, there are few individuals who promote self love and the female form more.

I've ordered from Bobbi Rae and the attention to detail within her packaging is second to none- the inside of the envelope was like a carnival, with streamers, parrots on sticks, the works. Feel good and female.

Photos from Mude Threads website (linked above)

Mude Threads is run by Jazz Moodie and Elle Upshall and promotes the message that our bodies will not be shamed, censored or sexualised without our consent. 

Mude Threads sell both pre-made and commissioned items, both hand embroidered and printed.

They focus on body confidence and self love by encouraging you to take your own nudes, whether you then choose to have them embroidered onto a shirt or keep them to yourself, the message is always the same- love and celebrate who you are. 

I think four is going to be the magic number here. There are literally hundreds of amazing creators and businesses representing women that I could post about but maybe we'll save those for International Women's Day 2020. I also think, as well as supporting women, it's always good to support independent creators generally, perhaps I'll do a post on independent businesses more generally in the future too.

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