Sunday 22 January 2017


If I hear one more person resolving to eat better this year, I might just combust. Actually, that's a lie. If the motivation of a New Year is what you need to start a health kick, great, I'm all for it. Just please do not follow this up with the phrase 'New Year, new me', at least not out loud. Or to my face.

It seems odd to me, however, that people make these resolutions to look after their body better by thinking about what they put in to it and by exercising without thinking about what they put on it. While eating your greens and drinking lots of water will inevitably help your skin out, there's nothing wrong with giving it an extra little boost. My boost of choice for this year and the latter part of last has been the Super Greens Nutrient Boost Serum from Tropic.

Tropic is the baby of Susan Ma, who appeared on The Apprentice in 2011. She used the platform to promote her love of natural and cruelty free products and won over Sir Alan Sugar who went on to invest as an equal partner in the company.

Tropic is a social selling business and the aim of the company is to not only provide beautiful products, but to encourage the people who love using them and support the company ethos to start their own beauty business by showcasing the products themselves. If you are interested in the business side of things, you can find out more about that here.

Business side put to bed, it's high time I got on to the product itself.

I have to confess, prior to being contacted, I hadn't heard of Tropic or any of their products. Before ever agreeing to have a product sent over, I like to do my research to try to ensure that it's going to be a good fit for me. I like to know about the company and their background, and their overall ethos and outlook. With Tropic, reading into the press release and browsing their website, I could tell that they were a company I would thoroughly love to get to know better through the trailing of their products which are all natural, free from harmful chemicals and vegan and cruelty free.

While I am not fully vegan myself, I am vegetarian, and am trying to make more conscious choices with the beauty products I use. This will probably be something which is played out on my blog as I try to transition my products over to purely cruelty free, so on a side note, I would be grateful of any brand and product recommendations that you have for foundations as this is something I have found difficult. Unfortunately, I am yet to find one to rival my MAC Face and Body in terms of formula and appearance on the skin, but I digress.

The Super Greens Serum is packed with concentrated kale, chlorophyll and maca root extract. These hardworking ingredients provide a vitamin (namely C, E and K - who knew there was a Vitamin K?! K for kale - coincidence? I think not...) boost to the skin, giving it instant life and glow. Something which was much needed after the copious amounts of unhealthy food I ploughed my way through over Christmas.There is also tamanu oil in there (organic of course) which is known for it's anti inflammatory properties, helping to calm any irritation and blemishes and reduce any scarring. Marula and kendi oils also help in calming redness and irritation leaving a clear and even complexion. And for those coffee addicts, there is even a green coffee extract thrown in to help stimulate cell renewal and protect against pollution and free radicals. I'm sure there's a band somewhere in the world called The Free Radicals, and if not, there should be!

Of course, all these ingredients sound like a dream team but as I'm no scientist, for me, the proof was always going to be in the pudding.. which I also ate way too much of over the festive period.

I like to apply the serum every morning after applying my moisturiser. I find that a little goes a long way and the little pipette application is great for ensuring you don't grab to much product. I pop a few drops onto my finger tips then massage it in to my face for around thirty seconds. It soaks in quickly and doesn't leave skin feeling sticky or slimy. The only evidence it's ever been there is the glow it leaves behind.

The serum itself is green, but no need to panic, the colour does not translate onto the skin, no angry looking hulks here.

There is an instant difference to the skin after using the serum, glow and radiance and more long term, I have noticed my skin to be overall much softer and more smooth.

The only potential downside to this little wonder product is the smell. It's green, it's packed with greens and it does smell a little green. It doesn't offend me at all, but it is definitely there. That said, it only lingers for a short time and so, if you're really not a fan, breathe through your mouth for a bit, you'll be alright- your skin will thank you.

From a price point the serum is, in my opinion, good value for money. It's priced at £42 but is currently on sale on the Tropic website for £31.50. You get 30ml of product and for those of you that have used a serum before, you'll know that a little goes a long way.

Super Greens is a really good way of being healthier in 2017 without having to hit the gym and sacrifice your box of half eaten Celebrations (because all of the good ones have already been taken) just yet, and Tropic as a company is one that you should certainly check out.

I have just started road testing another serum from Tropic, the Good Skin Day Serum and so far, so good. I'll be reporting on that once I've given it a fair test, but for now, I'd love to know if you've ever tried anything from Tropic, and whether you have any firm favourites.

Final side note, because this post hasn't already had enough of them, what a PR team! I know one of the lovely girls there, Rosie, and have done for a few years now (gosh, where does the time go when you're blogging?!) and the pride they take in their PR samples is just astounding. I was completely blown away by both the Super Green's package and Good Skin Day one (which you will see at a later date), and Rosie told me that the cute little cards you see in the images are actually drawn by a member of the team, Kelsey. What a lovely and talented bunch. I'm off to figure out a way to display the little cards in my house - no, really!



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