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Somehow, I always manage to get sucked in by a palette full of neutrals. It doesn't matter how many palettes of its kind have been before it, or how in love with them I've been. I always assume that the next one will be the last. It never is.

This time, the palette to grab my attention was the Cocoa Blend palette from Zoeva. I had seen it cropping up time and time again in Youtube videos and eventually I decided to get myself on to the Beauty Bay website and just go for it. 

The palette is priced at £15.50 which is, in my opinion, very reasonable for ten eyeshadows. It contains a mixture of mattes, shimmers and what I would describe as metallic shades.

A couple of, what I feel to be, really obvious favourites of mine are Pure Ganache and Warm Notes which are comparable to my two favourite MAC eyeshadows: Amber Lights and Coppering, respectively.

I expected to like Bitter Sweet, Substitute For Love and Freshly Toasted also for every day wear, as they're all non-offensive, gets the job done type shades.

What did surprise me, however, is how much I like the shades Sweeter End and Delicate Acidity which have a more taupey, purple tone to them. As a rule, I don't like anything on the purple spectrum on my eyes. I couldn't tell you for why, just that if it came between purple eyeshadow or no eyeshadow, I'd opt for none every time. I do really, really like these two shades though and they may have just facilitated the start of something beautiful (and slightly purple.)

Where some bloggers might apologise for the less than perfect appearance of their palettes, I believe that seeing it in a slightly worse for wear state is a testament to how great this palette is and how well loved it has been so far.

The shadows themselves are super soft and super blendable, especially the more metallic shades and are, in my eyes, definitely comparable to the likes of MAC. The lasting power is  up there too. I like to prime my eyes with the Urban Decay Primer Potion beforehand as I do with all my eyeshadows, and they shadows seem to stay put until I want to take off my makeup. I haven't noticed any fall down at all either.

On the first row of the palette are the shades Bitter Start, Sweeter End, Warm Notes, Subtle Blend and Beans Are White.

Bitter Start is a basic bone coloured matte. It's perfect to use on the lid for a very minimal eye look with a deeper colour blended through the crease or for a highlighting shade.

Sweeter End is the first of the slightly purple toned shadows. Nothing too out there in terms of colour, it is mostly pinky brown with a hint of taupe. It's what I would describe as borderline metallic. It's a shimmery shade with something a little bit more.

Warm Notes, as I mentioned earlier was always going to be one of my favourites, Very similar to Coppering from MAC, it's a perfect rusty copper shade. Again, it has more of a metallic finish and is an absolute gorgeous addition to the palette.

Subtle Blend is another shimmery, almost but not quite, metallic shade. This one is a pretty bronzy brown that I feel will be one of the most universally loved shades of the palette due to its super neutral nature.

Beans Are White looks to be a black shadow on first glance, but is actually a very, very dark matte brown. This is a perfect one to use as liner or for more intense smokey looks. I am really glad that Zoeva chose to do it this way as I find black is always a wasted colour in palettes- let's be honest, when you've seen one black eyeshadow you've seen them all and when was the last time you ever hit pan on one?!

On the bottom row are the shades Pure Ganache, Substitute For Love, Freshly Toasted, Infusion and Delicate Acidity.

Pure Ganache is beautiful. It's very reminiscent of Amber Lights as I mentioned previously. A very warm, orangey gold shade. Another metallic type finish shadow and lovely on all eye colours too.

Substitute For Love is a super easy to wear warm brown. Annoyingly some of the glitter has transferred into the matte pans, but I am fairly sure that this is a matte shade none the less. A  great one for in the crease to warm up a look and another one that I feel will be a very popular addition to the palette with most.

Freshly Toasted is another warm brown, but with a more burgundy hue. It's another matte shade, despite now being contaminated with glitter. 

Infusion is the one questionable shade of the palette for me. I'm pretty sure this is a matte black and I've made it perfectly clear how I feel about black eyeshadows. This one also contains a mountain of gold glitter, meaning I won't even be using it to press over my liquid liner. That said, it could look pretty cool pressed on over black lipstick for some occasion or another. 

Delicate Acidity, my new love. A pretty metallic taupe. 

And that's it folks! The Zoeva Cocoa Blend palette in a nutshell. I will definitely be looking into more makeup from Zoeva. Is there anything else I need?


  1. I have been looking at this palette for so long-£15.50 seems such a good price and I am so desperate to try Warm Notes!
    Katie x

  2. Substitute for love and freshly toasted are absolutely STUNNING! Did you have to import it?

    Samantha xo | Blended to Perfection


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