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When I found out the Ellie Goulding would be launching a collection with MAC, I was all kind of excited. I waited patiently for the release and on the day I must have checked the site at least fifty times to see if it had gone on sale. I know how fast MAC's limited edition collections sell out and I was not about to miss out on this one. 

Even if the collection wasn't great, I was draw in by the pretty rose gold packaging alone.

Once the collection was live, I quickly added both lipsticks to my basket and placed my order but I wasn't done there because about two hours later, I decided that I also needed one of the palettes. I agonised over which one to go for, and even considered picking up both, but at £39.50, I just couldn't justify buying more than one.

In the end, I decided to go for the Halcyon Days palette which regrettably meant that I would miss out on the Cream Colour Base in This Love from the Halcyon Nights palette; MAC if you're listening,  please bring that out as a single Cream Colour Base because quite frankly, I would buy about ten. The Nights palette, along with This Love Cream Colour Base, also houses four eyeshadows which are typical 'Laura' shades (Am I talking myself into buying this palette too? Why yes, yes I am.) 

Ultimately though, I decided that I would get more use out of the Halcyon Days palette as it contained four Cream Colour Bases which are amongst my absolute favourite products from MAC. Hush from their permanent range is my favourite highlighter of all time. Their multi-use means that they can be used as a blush, highlight, eyeshadow, bronzer, or lip colour (dependant on shades of course)

So the palette comes with four shades, as I mentioned earlier on. They are Root (top left), Tint (top right), Every Time You Go (bottom left) and Wish I Stayed. I really like the use of Ellie's song names, for shades. This is a theme that flows throughout the entire collection.

Beneath the Cream Colour Bases is a blotting powder. The Bases on the top layer of the palette slide out to reveal the powder underneath. I like this idea for a couple of reasons; it makes the palette more compact and it prevents powder from transferring into the cream colour bases.
The powder comes in the shade Medium Dark which seems a little bizarre to me as  I'm very pasty and the powder definitely isn't very dark at all. I know that there was some criticism surrounding the inclusion of a medium dark powder as many people said it was a bit redundant in the palette as it wouldn't suit everyone's skin tones and that they would have preferred something like a bronzer to be in its place instead however, as the powder seems pretty translucent, despite its name, I don't see the shade choice as an issue at all.

Finally, we're on to the swatches.

On the left is Root which, as you can see, is a pretty peachy, champagne colour. It has lots of shimmer and is a lovely highlight shade.

Next along is Tint which is a bronzy shimmery shade, perfect for eyeshadow or a bronzer on paler skin, or even as a highlight on darker skin tones.

Third in line is Every Time You Go, a pretty peachy pink shade with no shimmer which is lovely as both a lip and cheek shade.

Finally, for Cream Colour Bases is Wish I stayed which is a cool toned dark brown. It is a pearl shade, however, on the skin, this doesn't transfer too much and if pushed you could potentially use this as a contour shade, perhaps if you wanted to travel super compactly o if you forget your usual contour.

Believe it or not, there on the end is the blotting shade, as I said,  it seems to me to be transparent and practically invisible once on the skin.

I have just checked the website and  the Halcyon Days palette is still in stock, as is much of the rest of the collection. I think this is largely down to MACs unusually poor promotion of the collection when it was first released. I know when I posted a picture on Instagram of the bits I picked up, I had a few questions asking when the collection was released or if it had been released already. There was no mention of the collection on the home page or via email until a good few weeks after the release, by which time everyone was focusing on the collection which had been released since the Ellie Goulding range. It is a shame as it's a gorgeous collection, or, depending on how you look at it,  not at all a shame as it means that you can still pick up bits from the collection.

I like that the collection is so easy to wear, and is tailored to people who like more natural looks much like Ellie Goulding. A lot of the time, when a celebrity collaborates with MAC, their collections are very outlandish and I feel that people buy them just because they're part of a collection, rather than to actually wear them and while there's nothing wrong with that, it's refreshing to see a celebrity release such a universally relatable collection.

Have you picked up anything from the Ellie Goulding x MAC collection?  

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